SUMMER MASS SCHEDULE IS NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL August 19. The only Sunday Mass offered during the summer is 6:00pm.
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Newman Apostolate

APOSTOLATE = An organization of the laity devoted to advancing the mission of the Church.  The Newman Apostolate is the student leadership team of CCM who work under the guidance and spiritual direction of CCM Staff and the FOCUS team.  In keeping with the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ prior to his Ascension to the Father, the Newman Apostolate works to draw fellow students into a loving relationship with Jesus through activities and programs in four particular charisms:  Spiritual Life, Peer Evangelization, Social, and Service.  

The 2017-18 Newman Apostolate consists of the following student leaders:  Addie Harris - President; Robert Hearnes - Vice-President; Alyssa Mohney - Secretary; Grant Bicker, Harrison Backer, Olivia Canavan, Stone Cook, Elizabeth Doherty, Molly Fiore, Billy Goldsmith, Jr., Annie Greening, Madison Heisserer, Amy Krebs, Beth Ludwig, Matthew McCauley, Peter Nkolo, Erin Prendergast, and Roshell Tauro

If you are interested in helping the Apostolate with planning events and spreading the Gospel, please Contact Us!

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